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What Is a Volumetric Analysis of the Brain?

Posted by Scott Blair on Jun 17, 2021 3:58:03 PM

A volumetric analysis of the brain is very straightforward. We know that certain things such as aging, brain injury, stroke and dementia can cause a reduction in the size of certain parts of the brain.

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How Can Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) Help Objectively Document Brain Injury?

Posted by Scott Blair on Jun 17, 2021 3:28:18 PM

Arterial Spin Labeling (ASL) had been used for nearly 25 years now by neurologists and radiologists to help diagnose strokes, dementia, and other brain conditions that affect blood flow to the brain. For these conditions its use had been well accepted in the medical community.

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How Can Diffusion Tensor Imaging MRI Help Objectively Document a Brain Injury?

Posted by Scott Blair on Jun 17, 2021 2:48:49 PM

How it works: First, let's be honest. Fully understanding Diffusion Tensor Imaging MRI requires a good understanding of physics and radiology. Because I am not a master of either, I am going to try and explain DTI MRI in layman’s terms as much as possible so you can understand the basic concepts without making your eyes glaze over by getting deep into the physics.

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Brain Injury Law a Proud Sponsor of the Future of Health Speaker Series by Dr. David Eagleman

Posted by Scott Blair on Feb 26, 2020 1:35:46 PM

Brain Injury Law is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) lecture series. ISB is partnering with Town Hall Seattle to organize a series of events surrounding crucial topics in healthcare and science.

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Why Haven’t I Heard About Pituitary Injuries Before?

Posted by Scott Blair on Mar 13, 2018 2:32:00 PM

With 2.5 million emergency room visits in the US each year for traumatic brain injury related injuries, why have we not been aware of pituitary problems sooner?

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How Do Doctors Confirm A Pituitary Gland Injury?

Posted by Scott Blair on Feb 28, 2018 11:54:14 AM

A pituitary gland injury sustained from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can cause serious repercussions for the victim of a brain injury. However, identifying whether or not damage to the pituitary has been sustained due to a brain injury is not a simple task. To determine whether or not someone has sustained a pituitary injury, one of several different tests must be performed.

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How The Pituitary Gland Is Damaged During a Brain Injury

Posted by Scott Blair on Feb 13, 2018 2:09:02 PM

We are all familiar with the mechanics of a whiplash injury, often experienced during a car accident. Whiplash injuries and others falls or blows to the head can damage your brain, causing what is called a “coup-contrecoup” brain injury. A coup-contrecoup occurs when both the side of the head that was struck as well as the side of the head opposite the blow are injured.

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