Brain Injury Law a Proud Sponsor of the Future of Health Speaker Series by Dr. David Eagleman

Posted by Scott Blair on Feb 26, 2020 1:35:46 PM

Brain Injury Law is excited to announce its sponsorship of the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) lecture series. ISB is partnering with Town Hall Seattle to organize a series of events surrounding crucial topics in healthcare and science.

The first event will be partially sponsored by Brain Injury Law and it will feature Dr. David Eagleman, a renowned neuroscientist and leading brain expert that will discuss different topics, ranging from sensory substitution, brain plasticity, and cognitive health, just to name a few.

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Who is Dr. David Eagleman?

Dr. Eagleman is a TED speaker, Guggenheim fellow, New York Times best selling author, and head of the Center for Science and Law, a non-profit organization that focuses on closing the gap between law and neuroscience. Furthermore, Dr. Eagleman is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable neuroscientists of his generation and is often listed among the most engaging speakers in brain science.

In addition to the above, Dr. Eagleman has written several books aimed for the average reader, authored hundreds of scientific articles, participated in fascinating research projects about brain science, and currently serves as an adjunct professor at Stanford University.

Event Details

The event, which is titled “Can We Create New Senses For Humans?” will include a keynote address by Dr. Eagleman, followed by a discussion panel where he will be joined by brain health expert Dr. Mary Kay Ross. ISB professor associate Nathan Price, who is also an affiliate faculty member at the Department of Bioengineering, Computer Science and Engineering, as well as the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Tickets are available for only $5, making this a must-attend event in Seattle’s jam-packed calendar. Join ISB, Dr. Eagleman, and Brain Injury Law and prepare to have your mind expanded well beyond the limits of its elasticity!

Date: Thursday, March 5, 2020

Location: The Great Hall, 1119 Eighth Avenue (enter on Eighth Avenue), Seattle, WA 98101

Admission Price: $5

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